Ultracide Flea Aerosol Spray

Ultracide Aerosol Spray-
Eliminate Adult Fleas and Prevent Their Production Cycle For Good


Aerosol Insecticide with IGR

1. Ultracide immediately kills adult fleas and prevents further

2. Ultracide is integrated with Nylar Flea IGR concentrate.

3. Prevent reinfestations for up to 7 months.

Ultracide Flea Aerosol Spray

Ultracide Pressurized Flea IGR & Adulticide is an effective flea control aerosol spray that delivers a fast knockdown of adult fleas and is able to prevent the new flea problems for up to seven months. It dries quickly and once its dry, it is even pet safe.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Ultracide Flea Spray

  • Delivers a fast knockdown while providing continuous control
  • Able to break the pest's entire life cycle
  • Capable of eliminating future flea problems for up to 7 months
  • Quick dry after application
  • Now registered for a control of Ticks

Ultracide Flea Killer Spray

Ultracide provides a quick drying and a fast knockdown method for flea control and now tick control as well. It competes against several flea control spray, however, Ultracide spray uses a three chemistry method that combines Pyrethrins, Permethrins, and Pyripoxyfen to deliver fast knockdowns, a continuous control and the ability to break the pest's life cycle. Not only does it have a contact kill, but Ultracide is able to prevent reinfestation for up to seven months. Methoprene is a chemical known as an insect growth regulator (IGR) that disrupts the life cycle of pests and prohibits them from reinfesting your home. Ultracide's pressurized aerosol feature allows the spray to go deep into the carpet to target all stages of the flea. Ultracide can be sprayed in a variety of areas including inside apartments, houses, schools, automobiles, warehouses, and etc. and comes in a convenient aerosol can that can be easily handled.